Prepaid And Gift Card Solutions

    Infinia’s innovative Gift and Prepaid Card Solutions is a creative concept to attract more consumers and increased revenue. It also helps businesses acquire, develop, convert and retain their customers.

    • Prepaid Card Solutions

      From white label, open-loop and close-loop programs to gift card kiosks, we provide solutions to meet your prepaid needs and ensure success of the program.
    • Gift Card Solutions

      Gift cards help merchants in increasing profit margins, transaction building and continued usage. Also a powerful promotion tool, they are great for bulk promotion campaigns and for building exclusive loyalty circles; strengthening your brand and driving incremental sales.
    • Prepaid Gift Card Solutions offer Versatility and Flexibility

      Prepaid gift solutions offer outstanding versatility and flexibility. This makes them ideal to streamline and enhance corporate incentive. Capture valuable data on customer spending patterns and other demographics while expanding the business brand awareness.
    • Cashless and Hassle Free mode of Payment

      Prepaid Card eliminates the need to carry cash and enables you to offer your own store-branded gift cards to customers.

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