Multi-Purpose Wallet Platform

    The WBMS (Wallet Business Management System) platform is a single source empowered to deliver multiple payment conveniences in terms of channels and type of payments. As such, it hosts various Wallet Programs and Payment options. It works as ‘Software as a Service’ (SAAS) white labeled for customers with Omni-channel support. Its features include:

    • Complete Mobile Wallet Management and White Labeled Wallet
    • Ability to integrate into existing Mobile Apps to convert them into Mobile Wallets
    • Easy-to-Use APIs and SDKs for Mobile App Developers to give Apps access to Consumer Wallets
    • Enable Wallet to support Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Pre-Paid, Loyalty, Gift Vouchers
    • Enable any of the Legacy Technologies like POS Terminals and Upcoming Technologies like NFC, Barcode or QR Code. Also supports SMS, USSD channels for feature phones
    • Being an end-to-end solution, it allows quick merchant onboarding and payment methods
    • Inbuilt Value Added Services like Loyalty, Offers and Promotions
    • Integrated with Social Media Platforms to enable Social Engagement and Payments using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, SMS and E-mail