• InfiLuxe

    A luxury portal redefining loyalty programs for affluent consumers, with unlimited access to global brands, lifestyle products, private shopping and experiences. Luxury redemption offers include gorgeous luxury travel packages in all of the hottest destinations and infinite redemption options from the world’s best brands.
  • Infi:Curated

    The world’s only A-Z seamless engagement platform created specifically with HNW/UHNW clients in mind. Our platform knows what your clients want, before they want it, with technology and empowered third-party solutions that unify the experience. Infi:Curated is the ultimate solution for the world’s most discerning clientele. 
  • Luxury Experiences

    From red carpet experiences to VIP-invite only private concerts with your favorite artists and elite Tuscany driving tours, Infinia has crafted a list of specialized events and experiences to satisfy any HNW. Access to money-can’t-buy experiences has never been easier.
  • InfiLady

    InfiLady is an innovative loyalty program handcrafted for Middle Eastern females with an interest in self-improvement and entrepreneurship. Partnering with business coaches, online academies and a group of dynamic, successful ambassadors, InfiLady inspires while creating a strong base for brand loyalty.

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