New Study Says Rewards in Loyalty Drive Behavior Among All Ages Published-Sep 4, 2014
A recent survey by Dailybreak Media showed that consumers are willing to engage with brands’ loyalty programs and share data— if they are rewarded for these non-transactional activities.

According to the study, which surveyed adults ranging from Millennials to Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers about how they engage with brands, consumers are highly receptive to loyalty programs that reward shoppers for choosing to share contact information and other personal data with brands. This makes loyalty programs a powerful tool in building and maintaining consumer relationships.

In particular, the results revealed that brands offering coupons for enrollment are being rewarded with newfound loyalty from consumers on the prowl for incentives.

"Customers crave engagement, and brands desire loyalty: making these ends meet is critical for building a strong following that translates into sales and subsequent purchases, either online or in-person," said John Federman, chairman and CEO of Dailybreak Media.

Other significant findings from the study relevant to loyalty programming showed that 83% of all respondents belong to one or more brand/store loyalty program, and 13% belong to five or more. And 58% of all respondents buy from these stores and brands whose loyalty programs they belong to at least once a month.

Breaking results down by age, 64% of Millennials, 79.6% of Gen-Xer’s and 66.2% of Baby Boomers said that loyalty programs drove them to interact with a brand online. Gen-Xers proved to be the most loyal, with 65% buying at least once a month from the stores or brands whose programs they belong to; they are followed closely by Baby Boomers (60.56%) and seniors 68+ (54.84%).

“This new survey shows that customer loyalty programs are the cornerstone for any engagement initiative,” said Federman. “And as we have seen with our gamified campaigns, rewarding consumers with incentives to prolong that engagement or make a purchase is essential to cultivating strong brand awareness and allegiance."
Sourced By: loyalty360.org

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